People Should Give Props, When Props Are Due, Because Social Beings Don’t Exist In A Vacuum

¬†I heard a person say that they had made a success, in the business world, all by theirself, but (it is my belief) that’s really not the case. I’m sure if they thought long, and hard, they would think of someone who has helped them, in their everyday life. There are alot of mundanities, to everyday living, and a person has to do these dull chore like things, daily, just to stay healthy and survive. ¬†The cost of shelter is not cheap, unless you live outside, in a cave, and don’t keep it clean. Come to think of it, a person could live like that too, in a house, room, or ¬†an apartment, but then they would have to be living off of someone, or something, while they were learning the great skill they had acquired, that got them to such a lofty place in society. ¬†And if they were living off of something, I am sure that monetary something was introduced to them by a person, or two, or more people; nevertheless, a person who has made a great deal of money, quickly, has had social influences, and those social influences were human. ¬†

Trial and Error ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Visit one of my blog wesites, and please be patient with me. ¬†It isn’t easy learning how to publish, and market your writing online, when doing everything, alone. ¬†I rely on trial, and error, and hope that the powers that be allow me to practice. ¬†I applaud all of you “do it yourself”er’s.

Agatha Christie’s Notebooks and Pinterest: How Do You Organize Your Writing Notes and Ideas?

Jenny Kales

Hitchcock notebook My new favorite writing notebook with a quote from Hitchcock. Do you keep a writing notebook?

About a week ago, I saw a fabulous one-hour special on PBS featuring David Suchet, the acclaimed actor who has portrayed Agatha Christie‚Äôs Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot. Unfortunately, I only caught the last half of it, but the gist is that David Suchet interviewed people affiliated with Christie about her life and in particular, her mysterious disappearance. (Agatha‚Äôs disappearance must have been in the air last week ‚ÄĒ incidentally that same week, my daughter watched¬†the Dr. Who episode where David Tennant aka Dr. Who tries to solve the mystery of Agatha Christie‚Äôs infamous disappearance.)

No one ever discovered what really happened (not even the Doctor :)) but the program revealed a lot of interesting personal details about Christie’s life, including the discovery of several notebooks she kept for each of her novels. One of…

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