Dorothy Leonardi-Sisco


Here’s the video, with the Pope’s apology in it: Whatever possessed that woman to become so aggressive?

And what led up to the Pope’s “knee-jerk” response? Could that same scenario happen to any one of us? Can we be shaken enough to act, shockingly, different – at any time – for any reason? Invisible, face hugging, extraterrestrials may have had nothing to do with what happened, but can any of us really, correctly, explain why that happened? Can any of us know everything that happens to humans; whether in dreams, or reality? No.

People Should Give Props, When Props Are Due, Because Social Beings Don’t Exist In A Vacuum

 I heard a person say that they had made a success, in the business world, all by theirself, but (it is my belief) that’s really not the case. I’m sure if they thought long, and hard, they would think of someone who has helped them, in their everyday life. There are alot of mundanities, to everyday living, and a person has to do these dull chore like things, daily, just to stay healthy and survive.  The cost of shelter is not cheap, unless you live outside, in a cave, and don’t keep it clean. Come to think of it, a person could live like that too, in a house, room, or  an apartment, but then they would have to be living off of someone, or something, while they were learning the great skill they had acquired, that got them to such a lofty place in society.  And if they were living off of something, I am sure that monetary something was introduced to them by a person, or two, or more people; nevertheless, a person who has made a great deal of money, quickly, has had social influences, and those social influences were human.  

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